YouTubers PewDie Made $7 Million Last Year


He Made $7 Million Last Year

YouTuber PewDiePie

Felix kjellberg aka PewDiePie is the Youtube famous user’s. He is considered as the king of Youtubers. He is the star of YouTube with 9 billion views, according to Swedish newspaper, the estimated that he made more than $7 million last year on advertising, a feat that is no longer an outlier in the burgeoning world of online stardom.

He has 5 year career YouTube star whose entire oeuvre is dedicated to playing video games while others watch that is why, he is considered as the king of Youtubers. In each of his episode video can got 5 million per views

According to Techcrunch “It is unsurprising that Kjellberg is doing so well. By getting in early and grabbing the valuable pre-teen online market he and his team can easily grab millions of bored iPad browsers every day. It will be fascinating to see where folks like PewDiePie end up – whether the “mainstream” media will attempt to pre-empt or consume them when broadcast and movie moguls realize hot dog salesmen from Sweden are eating their lunch.” He is one of the famous user’s at youtube  because he made entertaining videos that make peoples to laugh.

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