Why is WhatsApp Statuses use for?


The emergence of Status in the application of messaging has surprised more than one. Know what they are and how to use them.


WhatsApp Status: What are they?

Prior to updating WhatsApp, the status were a simple (pre-set or user-created) phrase that accompanied your username on the platform. With them you could define yourself in an emotion, express prayers, lyrics, sympathetic concepts or whatever.

Although these phrases and static drawings still exist, they are added to the new Status, which are short videos, or also static photos or custom GIFs, and that will only be shown to your contacts for a lapse of 24 hours.

These appear to be inspired by the Stories of Instagram or the mechanics of the Snapchat: a lively, personalized, very short presentation that is only visible for a day from its publication.

How to use it?

To create a new state enter the application, go to the corresponding tab and touch the first option to create a new one. It will automatically activate the camera, either for photography or for filming, or also access your content gallery to use a photo, video, or a GIF you already have.

Once the file is chosen, you can customize the contents by placing emoji, typing, drawing or placing “stickers”. You can resize by separating or attaching two fingers on the screen simultaneously, and also tilt them by turning your fingers in one direction or another.

When you are happy with your creation, publish your state. Keep in mind that, once done, they will be in full view of your list of contacts automatically, so it is convenient not to present sensitive information, content that may hurt susceptibilities, or what you do not want your entire list can see.

Ideas to use as status in WhatsApp

To this section of the application you can use it for some of these ideas:

  • To tell something sensational that you are doing, in a special way and in a comprehensive diffusion
  • Pronounce yourself on special dates, such as celebrations or other
  • Say hello to someone you love or contact for your birthday, achievement or special occasion
  • Show how you are living a trip, a great football game or other events, almost as if it were live
  • Show your products or goods for sale, or your creations
  • Communicate important news in a very special way

Since the phrases to use as WhatsApp Status or any other content will be exposed to all your contacts (who wish to see them), consider not to abound, publishing only one per day for maximum impact, and communicating respectful, adequate information, and Of interest to all.

“As status you can put phrases, short videos, or also static photos or custom GIFs. They will only be shown to your contacts for a lapse of 24 hours.”

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