Using Google Maps to Organize a Trip


Using Google Maps on our holidays is one of the best options we have. A trip will be really wonderful if we take advantage of this online map.

Get rid of the classic paper map and organize your trip with Google Maps.

How to Organize Trip with Google Maps

Using Google Maps to organize a trip will be perfect so that we have the whole route well planned, and without fear of losing us. This is because it offers more detailed information with streets, tourist attractions, services, natural ecosystems and even to know the distances between several points.

Another feature of the Google map is that it allows us to create an itinerary and save it. Thus, we will have written in the map everything we need, from the direction of the hotel to the walks that we will do, passing through the restaurants where we will eat or the metro stations that we will use. Undoubtedly, it is a great tool to relieve the tension of so much organization and preparations.

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Benefits of organizing a trip with Google Maps

Among the main benefits we have when using Google Maps to organize a trip are:

  • It is an application with a very simple interface, simple to use at any age and without high knowledge in computer science.It is quite indicative for those who are not so accustomed to using portable technological devices (or PC)
  • It can be used from the computer, or download the app on mobile phones or tablets that have Android or iOS operating system.
  • Its profits are used as much for the planning of the trip as for when we are already in the destination.
  • The option of “my maps” allows to keep a record with the maps that we have already seen, as well as to share it withfriends of simple and quick way.
  • It offers us an option to see the bike routes, perfect for backpackers.
  • It is associated with Google Street View, a new platform to know the places beyond the map, that is, as if we were on that site.
  • Thanks to the Google Maps GPS option, car trips along the road will no longer be a headache.
  • It allows to manually incorporate markers to indicate routes and routes (with the drawing tools of lines and shapes)
  • In order to differentiate each tourist space or service, Google Maps has 150 different icons.You will be able to realize if it is a hotel, a monument, a museum or a restaurant, for example.
  • It allows establishing a scheme organized by days, thanks to a system layer by layer, where it is shown or hiding the information according to the day.It also has tags if we want to put some explanation or “help memory”, as well as place the link of the official website, for example.
  • We can check weather data and weather conditions.The extended forecast is in the satellite map section and then in “weather”.

“Using Google Maps to organize a trip will be perfect for us to have the whole route well planned, and without fear of losing us.”

How to use Google Maps on a trip

The first and foremost is to create a travel map, that is, customized according to our interests and itinerary. Then, we can access the necessary data in a more effective and fast way. Then, we look for the location, which is almost always the city we travel to, the main avenue, the airport we arrive at or the address of the hotel where we will be staying. Clicking on it will select the “save to map” option.

It will offer us a menu to choose the option “create new map”, and this will lead to a sidebar where they will inform the saved places. If you put the hotel as a base point, you can always know how to return, even though you have walked more than expected or you are wrong about metro station. If we have a mobile with Android, all that data will be stored in the device.

If you have not yet got a hotel to stay, you can also use Google Maps. How?, With the search bar, or by viewing the symbols on the map. If you click on “Search Nearby” you can search for the keyword “hotels”, to obtain results in the surroundings of the reference point.

And as if that were not enough, we can use Google Maps to organize a trip because it helps us create an itinerary. From tourist spots to bars, to city tours to transportation, everything is on the map. Each item that interests us must be saved with the option “save to map”.

“Thanks to the Google Maps GPS option, car trips along the road will no longer be a headache.”

If you travel abroad, you can further enhance the experience, as you will get recommendations for eating, shopping or drinks thanks to applications such as Yelp or Foursquare. There are reviews of millions of stores and services around the world.

If we want to take advantage of Google Maps for a trip, we will have no problem to organize in advance and at the same time enjoy a wonderful experience in the destination chosen.

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