Tips for Charging the Battery Faster


Do you have little time and need to charge your mobile in a few minutes? Then keep these helpful tips in mind.

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How to charge the mobile faster

You fell asleep, you must leave the house, but first you need to charge the mobile fast. We can help you. Just consider these tips to make loads faster, more effective, and also some useful tips to optimize the use of your battery.

Optimizes battery usage

In a few minutes we’ll talk about how to charge the mobile faster and more efficiently. But before, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions to optimize the use of the battery, reducing the number of recharges.

A good tip is to turn off the applications that you are not using, from the configuration of your mobile or the app in question. Make sure to turn off, for example, maps, weather readers, GPS and even Wi-Fi if you’re going to be on the street, using data or offline for now. Your mobile will stop looking for signals, give you notifications and have activity and, therefore, reduce battery consumption.

He also uses the mobile efficiently. If you are taking photos or shooting, turn on the camera to capture, rather than keeping it on while chatting with someone or looking for your shot. Remember: every tool that you start up will be consuming battery, and you need to reduce the consumption!

Tips to charge the mobile faster

Some devices recommend charging only once the battery has been fully consumed, to optimize the action. But we know that no one wants to leave home with an 8% battery. In these cases, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use the right charger for your mobile phone and not a generic or other brand
  • Use a “wall” charger whenever you can, and leave the USB charges only for cases of need
  • Turn off communications: if you put your phone in airplane mode you will reduce battery consumption, and thus recharge faster
  • Turn off apps to avoid battery consumption while charging
  • Consider turning off your mobile during charges for which you have only a few minutes.
  • Take the mobile out of its case, and remove the casing that covers the battery.Thus, the mobile will have less temperature and will optimize the recharge, besides taking care of the battery and the equipment in the long term.

“Remember: every tool that you start up will be consuming battery, and you need to reduce the consumption!”

Portable chargers

Let’s talk a few minutes about the portable chargers. These are small devices that are loaded and carried wherever you go, in the car, in your bag, or that you can leave in the locker of the gym, in your office or wherever. These gadgets can be useful when, despite having applied all these tips, your battery has been overdone, and you are waiting for that important call or you should drive home.

On the other hand, there are alternatives to keep in mind if you need to charge the battery away from home. In some cities, charging points have been implemented: cables and connectors of different devices available to citizens and free of charge. Also many stores, especially fast food stores, offer this service by promoting their sales. And, finally, consider carrying an extra charger in your bag, or one for the car that connects to the car’s USB port, or the cigarette lighter connector on the previous models. These can be extremely useful when you need to charge the mobile fast and on the fly, without disturbing you when taking them with you.

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