The Three College Careers Recommended by Bill Gates


In the Northern Hemisphere, the season of togas and gowns has just begun. Inspired by the thoughtful thoughts that attract these kinds of moments in a person’s life, Bill Gates wrote a letter to the “Class of 2017” which revealed what careers he would choose to follow today if his goal were to, once again, create From scratch a company like Microsoft.

Bill Gates

“Congratulations, they just achieved something I could never do: to obtain a university degree,” the philanthropist began in the letter to all the graduates of the United States and Europe. “New graduates frequently ask me for advice on what careers I was fortunate enough to be in my early 20s when the digital revolution began to take off, and Paul Allen and I were lucky enough to shape it (which explains my lack of a university degree – I left school because we were afraid that The revolution would happen without us as a part of it.) But if I were out there today looking for the same kind of opportunities to make a big impact in the world, I would consider three fields of study, “he added.

For Gates, the options most consistent with that goal would be careers related to artificial intelligence, energy or biosciences. In the first case, according to the founder of Microsoft “we are just beginning to investigate in all the ways that this (artificial intelligence) will make people’s lives more productive and creative”; In the second, “because making it (the energy) cleaner, accessible and reliable will be essential to combat poverty and climate change”; And in the last field; Because they “are full of opportunities to help people live a longer and healthier life.”

In addition, the legendary entrepreneur unveiled other teachings that he learned during his post-college life. “Intelligence is not as important as I thought it was, and it can take many different forms. In the early days Microsoft believed that if I could write an excellent code, I could also manage people well or lead a marketing team or do any Another task. I was wrong about it. I had to learn to recognize and appreciate the different talents of people. The earlier you get to do that, the richer your life will be, “he confessed.

Near the end of his letter, the computer scientist lamented that he had not understood in his life “how inequity really looks”, something he did not know until he traveled to Africa. In the same way, the philanthropist encouraged his readers to surround themselves “with people who challenge them, teach them and push them to be a better version of you.”

“If I could give each of you a graduation gift, it would be a copy of Steven Pinker’s” The Better Angels of Our Nature. “After so many years of study, you probably are not so interested in reading a 700-page book, but please add it to your reading list. It’s the most inspiring book I’ve ever read, “Gates added, ending by wishing:” Good luck to everyone. This is a great time to be alive. I hope you can make the best of it. “

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