These are the great smartphones of 2017


Large screen in the smallest possible space, two cameras and maximum power

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The mobile technology year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), starts every year in Barcelona between the end of February and the beginning of March and where the big technology companies take advantage to announce their great releases.

Normally they do all but Apple. But this year the absence of the apple company has not been unique. Samsung has delayed the presentation of its flagship to avoid possible failures and dislikes such as those that took with the battery problems of the Galaxy Note 7, and has introduced its new Galaxy S8, its star phone, last week, almost a month later of the mobile congress of Barcelona.

Those that were in the fair of the City were LG and Huawei. LG surprised with a large screen phone, specifically 5.6 inches, but in a chassis of only 5.2. The trick; Reduce the terminal frame to the maximum so that practically the entire front part is panel. When turning the phone, the most striking is the double camera. This technology is a new trend that since Huawei introduced it in its P9 model in 2016 has become almost a basic requirement for high-end phones. Of course, LG has wanted to improve the photographic experience and in addition to being able to play with the dual rear camera, snapshots can be taken with an angle of up to 125 degrees with the rear camera and up to 100 degrees with the front, to leave no one out of plane.

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As for the Huawei P10, we are facing a terminal without major physical changes from last year’s model, the P9, because the double camera Leica is kept in the back to make clear Huawei’s big bet on the image. Of the four phones selected in this ranking, Huawei is the most economical, as part of the 649 euros. In addition, for color lovers, the Chinese company has put their phone on sale in two new tones: light green and navy blue, which have caused a sensation for the novelty they represent.

Titans fights

The real war between the most anticipated phones of the year is between Apple and Samsung. The problem is the difference in times each of the companies employs to launch their flagship every year. Samsung, which this year has delayed its launch for a month, has just astounded many users with a phone that breaks the usual aesthetic and becomes the mobile of the moment. Its infinite screen maintains the same concept as the LG mobile but surpasses it with a careful and perfected design. To complete, a very powerful processor, a simple camera – has not opted for double – recognition of iris and face.

Photo: AFP

Apple, as usual, will not launch its new iPhone until September, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 could already have conquered the market. Although a revolution is also expected in the aspect of the new phone of the company of Tim Cook, the fact is that the smartphone with which LG, Huawei and Samsung are currently competing is the iPhone 7, or rather, with the iPhone 7 Plus, As it is the Apple model equipped with larger screen and double rear camera. Of course it is also the most expensive phone among those selected.

We will have to wait to know which is the best of the four, or if there is any other surprise.

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