The Apple Watch glucose meter was tested by Tim Cook himself


Its market launch is getting closer and closer

Photo: CNBC

Recently the apple company announced the implementation of a new glucose monitoring function for Apple Watch, although it was not known how advanced the project was. However, Apple’s own Tim Cook – ECO – has already tested the prototype glucose tracer, and is actively using it, according to CNBC.

This project, promoted by the late Steve Jobs, would allow diabetics to continually check their glucose levels and avoid, as is currently the case, forced insulin punctures to control their blood sugar levels.

The crawler that Cook uses on his body is a standalone unit that communicates with the Apple Watch via Bluetooth, rather than a feature built into the watch itself. The details are not entirely clear, as some sources say it is “on the clock”, which could mean that it adheres to its chassis.

While most likely the final tracker will be included within the watch hardware; early prototypes can be standalone devices as the company tests algorithms and reliability.

Nor is the possibility that Apple sells the glucose tracker as a supplementary accessory. Tim Cook said, some time ago, that certain features like blood monitoring require FDA regulation. By creating a standalone device, Apple will be able to continue product development on its Watch main line, with no problems, or external oversight.

Likewise, CNBC noted that Cook used a continuous glucose monitor during his visit to the University of Glasgow. This helped him adjust his diet to keep his blood sugar in check. Again, it is not at all clear whether this belongs to your company or another.

Details are missing, yes. But what is known with certainty is that the proposal is closer and closer to being reality. It is taking shape and is expected to see it materialized at the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3 this spring.

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