Six Ways to be a Master on Instagram


It seems like a social network of simple use but lately it added new functions to share photos and videos that make it more complex; here is a guide to keep up to date


Sharing Options

By default, your account is public, which means that anyone who knows your username can follow and view your photos. If you do not want everyone to see what you post, you have a couple of options. For one thing, you can make your account private, so that only the followers you approve see the images that you publish. This option is in the Setup menu; just select “Private account”. If you want to be even more selective, use Instagram Direct which Lets you share a photo with a smaller group of your followers (up to 15).

If you use Instagram Stories, the photos only last one day and are shared with all your followers. This function allows you to chain several images, edit them with texts to build a narration about your day, for example.

Instagram added a new feature for all users called Live that lets you share live videos that can last up to an hour. To access Live, slide directly from your feed to open the camera and then press start live video. Your followers will receive a notification. The video are deleted as soon end.

When to share your location

Sometimes it is good to share your location if, for example, you want to show the world that you are in an incredible waterfall in Morocco. Adding a location is easy: choose one of the suggested locations. Or, if those locations are not correct for some reason, touch “Add Location” and enter the correct location. If you want to add, change, or delete a location after something has been published, press the three-point menu. If you do not want to post your location, you can turn off the feature by setting your phone’s privacy settings to location services.

Manage multiple accounts

If you have a themed account but also want to share your dog’s adorable photos with your friends, there’s no reason to mix the photos. To add an account, go to the settings and scroll down until you see “Add Account”. Then add your second account and log in with your username and password.

Customize your experience

Are you obsessed with a particular account and want to receive a notification every time you post something new? If you press the three-point menu of an image of that favorite account, a menu appears that includes that option to enable notification.

There are also some good customization options for your own account. If you have filters that you never use and you hate having to scroll through them, you can press the “manage” button at the end of the filter options to disable those you do not use. You can always get them back if you change your mind.

And if you ever want to refer back to a photo that you liked but do not want to constantly scroll through your feed to find it again, enter the settings of the app and click on the “Publications you liked” option. There must be a record there of every photo you ever earned a heart on your part.

Save space

You may not want the application to save copies of all photos. You can go to the settings and disable the automatic storage option. On the other hand, users who want to apply multiple filters to a single photo, for example, can open the folder, put their phone in airplane mode and create a fake publication. Without an internet connection, the image will be saved for future use. Instagram will also allow you to save drafts, so you do not have to worry if things are not perfect on the first try. Press the Back button and go.

Take better photos

Consider taking the photo through your camera application rather than directly from Instagram; there you can use the camera grid option to align the shots and play with the composition. Do not be afraid to use the editing functions built into Instagram. You can modify the contrast, saturation, and sharpness of an image without having to download a third-party application. Use the sun icon to adjust the light in the image. For other functions, tap the wrench icon and play a little. And if you cannot get good lighting, try black and white.

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