Samsung to recycle Galaxy Note 7 materials


150 tons of metals like copper and gold will be recovered


The Galaxy Note 7 continues to talk. The device, which was launched in the middle of last year, was discontinued a few months later because of continued user complaints that lithium batteries exploded or were incinerated.

Now, as the South Korean company prepares to launch the Galaxy Note 8, with which it aims to regain its credibility, it seems to have found another way to clear its name.

The company announced in a press release that all Note 7 that were discarded after the cancellation of its production will go through a recycling process. This process is expected to extract about 150 tons of rare metals such as copper, cobalt and gold. In addition, OLED displays, internal components, memories and camera modules will be recycled.

Samsung is not the only company that has taken seriously the reduction of environmental impact by applying this modality in its production chains. In fact, according to the Engadget site, these measures are expected to be completely normal in the coming years.

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