The popular Pictionary becomes an app


The creators of app adapted the traditional table game to the movable ones in a very colorful platform. 


Who has not met with friends for dinner or do some pre and finish playing with determination. How many children have put to practice their artistic skills thanks to this didactic proposal? Also some adult will have encouraged making some strokes with their children or grandchildren. For more than four decades, Pictionary has been one of the most popular board games ever sold in the world.

Now, from the hand of the alliance between Etermax and the American Mattel – Pictionary dreamers – came this classic that goes from the table to the smartphone to draw and guess word, through a new app launched Thursday 27 April.

Strokes and riddles

Pictionary’s mobile version allows users to guess words while watching on their screens what their teammates and opponents draw simultaneously.
Mariano Fragulia, product owner of the project at Etermax, explained that the process began between February and March 2016, when Mattel, eager to bring some of its products to a digital version, thought about this popular board game and Etermax. “Questioned is very popular in the United States, where it is known as Trivia Crack and is the most popular Argentine brand” in that country, “They contacted us and we liked the idea very much, it is in line with the type of products we make.”
The novelty of Etermax, available for free on iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire, is that it has a variety of drawing tools that improve as you win games. In the first version of Pictionary, users will be able to find the pencil, the brush, the crayon, the pen, the highlighter and the rubber.
In addition, there is a feed section, where users can follow the gallery of drawings of their friends. The words to draw are divided into four categories: People, animals and places, Objects, Actions and Difficult. Fans can play in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian.
Unlike the game in real life, where the draw makes it so that his teammates guess what real object is outlining, the app manifests a “Cooperative rather than competitive mode,”
“At the moment of guessing you win a box that comes with different elements like gold coins, which serve to pay the aids. Copies of letters that are the tools are also included. As a player advances and receives those cards, he is paying with coins and improving those tools. This makes you have more colors and more strokes and you can unlock new tools. We aim to increasingly professionalized over his drawings, “elaborated the product owner of Pictionary.
Fragulia not tempered his enthusiasm hopes the game surpasses one million downloads in its first week and is not unreasonable… In one day he exceeded 500 one thousand.

Inspiration from Asked

The application has a very striking and colorful design, with fun characters that resemble those of Asked. The app includes a good guide system that does not create confusion. The user has the possibility to play in “fast mode”, where two participants face against two others in real time, or “in turn”, to unite “forces to guess and draw.” At startup, this second mode is recommended to grab the app’s hand.
“We are looking for an aesthetic similar to the one we developed with the questioned characters, because we did very well, especially among children and adolescents. They are nice, funny, and each one has a color that represents it and also relates to a category; in this particular game,
the characters represent a tool of the drawing, “said Fragulia, who gave much importance to the yellow and blue, the official colors of Pictionary.” It was one of the conditions that Mattel put. The yellow is a joyful color for a game of these characteristics. “Regarding
the target audience, indicated that it is not aimed at a specific and that it is reaching a mixed audience, although recognized that Pictionary is more oriented to women, As well as Asked, Candy Crush or Melody Monsters (also from Etermax)
Fragulia is excited about this new mobile game and has the expectation of achieving the success of Asked, The game of questions and answers that has climbed to 250 million downloads and has become one of the 10 most successful games in history. “We have a very good product that will be improved in the coming weeks and months, with updates and more languages, and we are backed by an important brand and a game known worldwide.”

Other classics in digital

The Hangman, the tatetí , the Solitaire , the Simon Says , the Naval Battle , the Domino and Scrabble are some of the classic games of all households through the decades that have their digital version for smart phones, like The celebrated Pacman and Tetris , developed for the first video console at the end of last century and that could well qualify like classics of the fun.

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