Oiio Studio to build a U-shaped building and will be the longest in the world


The horizon could look even more futuristic with a design like this.

The Manhattan skyline could look even more wonderful. This is the plan of Oiio Studio, a group of world designers, whose intention is to go beyond the building restrictions that exist in New York City. For that they want to build a U-shaped building. 


If all goes according to plan, Big Bend will become the longest building in the world, surpassing Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

“The Big Bend,” alluding to Big Ben itself in London, aims to “bend our structure rather than bend the rules of New York construction and create one of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan, ” wrote on its official website To the plan to build the building longer, and not high.
Skyscraper oiio

The building would require an elevator system that can travel in a curve, so that it can advance through the U-shape of the tip.

Sounds like a real roller coaster.

There is no date yet for the start of construction, so we will be waiting for several years.

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