A new Netfix-style video game service will be released by Xbox


Microsoft announced the launch of a subscription service for Xbox, which allows players through monthly fee, to access a library of video games for their console.


Xbox marketing director Parimal Deshpande stated that people who are already subscribed to an Xbox Gold service can pay an extra $ 10 a month for the new Game Pass. This service will be available at the same cost for Live Console users in some of the 31 markets in the world in early June.

Australia, Great Britain, France, Hong Kong, India and the United States are among them.

“At the launch and onwards, our goal is to make sure there are good games for all players,” Deshpande said in a blog post.

The subscription service, which uses Netflix’s monthly subscriptions model to gain instant access online, will offer about 100 games that can be played on Xbox One consoles or on previous Xbox 360s, Deshpande said.

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