NASA finds 10 “potentially dangerous” objects orbiting Earth


A NASA mission dedicated to the exploration and study of near-Earth objects has published the balance of the third year of research.

Photo: RT

On June 5, NASA published the results of the third year of its Near-Earth Object Space Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE), dedicated to the discovery and monitoring of near-Earth objects, identified by (NEO, by Which represent comets and asteroids that were ‘attracted’ by the gravitation of the planets of our solar system and which entered the orbit of the Earth.

According to the NASA report, last year mission scientists discovered 97 nearby celestial objects, including 5 comets, 64 main belt asteroids and 28 near-Earth objects.

Ten of these celestial bodies discovered by NEOWISE were classified as “potentially dangerous asteroids” for our planet. Scientists labeled them so because of their size and their orbits.

The NEOWISE team has also published an animation demonstrating the objects found in the third year of the project’s existence after the program was relaunched in 2013. To create the video, the researchers analyzed more than 2.6 million Infrared images collected over the past year by the NEOWISE telescope.

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