How Uber Works


In this article we explain to you what Uber is, what are its main advantages, disadvantages, and why it causes such a stir around the world.

Operation of Uber

Want to know more details about what Uber is and how it works? So this note is just what you need. Here we will see a little about the history of this transport system, what is the methodology of its operation, what you need to do to take advantage of this service and also what are the criticisms, fears, and answers to the most common questions about this New concept of transfers. Keep reading!

What is Uber?

Uber defines itself on its website as a taxi system (or passenger transport) more secure than conventional. Born from the concept of carpooling (or “car sharing “), a private driver, with his private car, works for a few hours a day as a driver passenger transport, through a web platform where all relevant information is recorded. In this way, citizens travel with other citizens, allowing lower rates than those of transport companies, and providing an extra source of income for vehicle owners.

Uber was invented in San Francisco (United States) and, in a few months, expanded to the whole world. Today it operates in more than 550 cities, but despite the convenience of its services, there is a lot of hype about its legality, and it has even been banned in some places.

Why do not they want Uber?

With thousands of satisfied users worldwide, the company and service faces legal restrictions, prohibitions, and criticism from many detractors. On the one hand, drivers and owners of passenger transport companies clearly disregard Uber’s legality, stating that drivers are not professionals , so they are not qualified to carry passengers or have regular analyzes that certify their capabilities and safety in driving.

On the other hand, some users also claim that cars are not always in the best conditions, that drivers may be reckless, or that the service has not had the distinctive features that are sought from the service (like music to choice, air conditioning , Fresh drinks and sandwiches).

For its part, Uber claims to make a thorough analysis of potential drivers who register, as well as request reviews of cars by public entities.

How Uber Works

Uber works through the Internet, either on your computer or on your mobile, by downloading the application. When you request a trip you must fix your location on the map, and you will see what cars are near your location, to choose the most profitable for you.

To use the service you need to register in the app, creating an account with username, password, and choose a payment method (which you can then modify, according to your possibilities). Payments change in the different cities where the service operates, although most accept cash, credit card, debit and PayPal account, among others (including gift cards and coupons). Most drivers are trained to issue electronic tickets, and you can obtain travel and payment certification on the website.

Once you choose the vehicle you want (you can even ask for a specific driver), determine the destination so that the driver already knows, and also to know the estimated price of your trip and verify that you can afford it. It also allows you to choose the type of car, depending on whether you need a compact, larger size for more passengers, and even a high-end, or if you are willing to share your trip with other passengers that go to your same address. Finally, you await your arrival.

A safety advice is to ask the driver of Uber what the name of your passenger is looking for, to verify that it is the vehicle you requested, although before you can see on the screen the photograph, the name, the type of car, the license plate. License (patent) and its qualification; this detail can help you choose.

When you arrive at your destination mark the end of the trip in your app, and qualify your driver so that future passengers know about it, making the service more transparent. In addition, the driver can also qualify you, so if you are a bad passenger, future drivers of Uber may reject your requests.

Now that you know what Uber is and how to use it, it only remains to verify that the service is available in your city, and check for its operation.

“Uber allows a private driver, with his private car, to work a few hours as a passenger transport driver, through a web platform where all pertinent information is recorded.”

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