How to Make a Perfect cup of Tea

Photo: Michael Pardo/Flickr
Photo: Michael Pardo/Flickr

Making the perfect cup of tea with honey requires a little more than throw a tea bag in a mug of hot water. Prepare the correct items to make a perfect cup of tea adds the relaxing tea ritual. The reward of your work will be a delicious cup of warm tea sweetened with the right amount of honey. Add a cookie or biscuit and have a great afternoon sweet gift. The teabags can be used, but are not recommended; loose tea leaves let you make full by tea leaf. They also produce a more pronounced flavor.


  • Bring the water to boil in a kettle. For a nice cup of tea, use fresh and filtered water. If you are using white or green tea, avoid letting the water boil completely. You should not make a great cup of tea in the cold pot so, Warm the teapot first before boiling water.
  • Place the Loose tea leaves (or tea bags) in the warmed pot. The number of bags or spoonfuls will depend on the size of the tea pot.  The default quantity is one teaspoon for about 180 ml of water. Measure the leaves and put them in your teapot.
  • Let your tea steep depending on your personal taste and the type you are using. Black tea should be left for three to five minutes; green tea for only two to four minutes and oolong tea five to seven minutes. Leaving the grass in the water for too long can have a bitter taste of tea. Place the boiling water from the kettle into the teapot.
  • Serve tea in a mug using a colander or make the inside of the teapot tea infuser before serving.
  • Sweeten your tea with one or two tablespoons of honey and stir.
  • Place a tea cozy on your teapot to keep your hot tea if it is to stay there for a period of time.

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