How to make a business project


For the realization of a business project it is necessary to know perfectly what our main objectives are and which services or goods can compete in the market. It must be able to explain in no more than 2 pages the origin, motivation and objectives of the creation of the company. If you want to start a business project you have to have a necessary economic base to be able to prevent errors of beginners and thus ensure the future of the company.


Data of the creators of the project

All the data (name, age, training, e-mail address, etc.) of the creators of the business project must be put so that future investors can know about the role to which they are going to trust their money.

Introduction and product description

Make a small introduction to what will be done in the company and how. What products or services will you introduce to the market? Pointing out the main points of the business project to take into account. All this without putting very specific things, such as number of employees, initial investments, etc.

Carry out an analysis of the alternatives to the good or service that is intended to be sold

At this point it will be very important to make an exhaustive study of the alternatives that could compete with the service or product that is intended to be sold. Compare what advantages and disadvantages you would have with respect to the other alternatives.

Make an exhaustive study of the market

This would be one of the most important points of the business project, since doing a good market study, you will know that customers will be interested in your products and thus get good market share. If you manage to fine-tune the market sector most appropriate for your project, you will have a great advantage over your competitors and you will be able to position yourself better for the future.

Carrying out a study of the necessary resources

To know perfectly how many human and material resources will be necessary for the development of your business project. Describe perfectly the activity to be carried out in the company, the location, hygiene and safety study, etc.

Financial economic evaluation

At this point the investment costs will be considered, separating them into direct and indirect costs. Know the operating costs, forecast the income, and perform the calculation of the return on investment (payback, NPV, IRR).

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There are several organizations and public institutions that will help you create a business project

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