How to Increase profile followers on Facebook


Many times you want to be a famous person but there is no way. And you want that you have many followers on Facebook and you want more likes. So today, let us know about How to increase profile followers on Facebook.


There is 3 simple ways to Increase likes or profile followers on Facebook:

1:- Only accept those people request who you may know…
2:- Create a follower List…

3:- Follow me I follow you Back or Like me I like you Back…

1st step: Only accept those people request who you may know

Many times peoples are send you a friend request and you will accept his/her request but the peoples who send you request you may know not about, do not accept request and do not click cancel request button. And only accept those people request who you may know. If you acting upon on this step your followers are increase.

2nd Step: Create a follower List

First create a follower list. Set a unique name of your list. And said to your friends to follow your list. And mention in comments to follow your list I follow your list. If you got more then 100+ followers on your list and then you just add your name or your friends name on your list. After two days your followers will be increases and also those people followers increases who you add name on your list. If another body have a list and they have many followers on his/her list and then you say that I add your name on my list and you add my name on your list. This way is so unique. The method are as top.

3:- Follow me I follow you Back or Like me I like you Back

This way is also so unique. Mostly people are used this way. Mention your ID link on comment and wrote that follow me I follow you back. And if you want likes then like your friend post and wrote on his post (Like me back) and then your friend’s will like you back. Use a hashtag, if you post on facebook profile then wrote on post with hashtag: #Follow_Me_I_Follow_You_Back or #Like_Me_I_Like_You_Back

These 3 ways are so unique and your friends will thought that you are so famous on facebook and they want to know that how you will be famous in short time. Acting upon the 3 ways to increase your followers on facebook, mostly peoples are use this way.

If you are really want that you will must turn your followers on. While if you don’t turn your followers on you can not got any follower. If you don’t know that how to turn on facebook profile follower then below you will must read that how to turn on facebook followers..

How to turn on Facebook profile followers.

First log in to your profile and then go to facebook SETTING. And left side, there is a bar and below you will see a FOLLOWER option then click on it. While you open the FOllOWER setting  now at right side there is a bar, the bar has two option one is FRIEND’S and second PUBLIC, the bar has already choose FRIEND’S option. Now you will must change the FRIEND’S option into PUBLIC. And then your followers are on.
Important note about Facebook profile followers!
Facebook must on those people followers who was must be at least 18 years old.

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