Five tools for youtubers


Tools to become a sensation in the popular video portal


YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is the version for the Google Analytics video portal, Google’s metrics tracking tool. It allows to analyze the visits to the channel, the visualizations, the demographic profile of the visitors and their origin and even if they lose the attention at some time.


It allows knowing the impact of the videos inside and outside the portal, that is to say, also in different social networks. It gives tips for improving the labeling and use of keywords and so appears more often in related videos.

Social Blade

Social Blade offers daily and monthly statistics as well as estimated earnings from youtubers. It allows you to see similar channels, which are the videos that worked best to make changes and improvements to the channel itself.


This tool installs on Google Chrome and adds dozens of new features to YouTube to better manage uploading and customizing videos, channel settings and audience measurement, among other options.

YouTube Trends

In YouTube Trends you will find the most relevant topics in the portal searches. It allows to search by categories and to know the tendencies that more grow each month.

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