Five free courses to become an entrepreneur


Whether you are a professional or have much experience in what you plan to undertake, you should know that you need other types of knowledge to help you grow business and consolidate your business.

When a person materializes an idea in an entrepreneurial reality it is necessary to begin with zeros, practically with the “nails”, even more so when you do not have the capital or the people to start with big projects. When you are alone you have to work hard to make yourself known for work and quality, after having a good name before others, it is more likely that the product or service will start selling for itself.

Money and obligations are some of the reasons why people do not withdraw from a stable job while starting out with their business idea, which is not bad, because ultimately the future of what is being built is uncertain. However, there comes a point where the same need for work and commitment will force him to make a determination about the stable work he has today.

Now, you have to be aware that an entrepreneur, rather than doing his main task, his gift or profession, must be prepared to be the “whole” of the company while everything starts as it should be. It happens for example of being the designer, to be the lawyer, the messenger, the accountant, administrator and even the secretary, in definitely becomes an “all in one”.

And just as you need disposition, capital and money, it is also essential that your arm yourself with tools and mentality to achieve the success you seek in your business. These are free courses recommended by the World Economic Forum to achieve the goal you are hoping to achieve and meet or exceed your own results:

  1. How to build a startup:

Course taught by Steve Blank, an entrepreneur who has created more than eight companies, author of two books and also teaches entrepreneurship at universities such as Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia.

It is available on Udacity, timeline one month.

Multimedia resources

Content: how to treat your customers, how to manage the resources that have at their disposal and what models to earn money can use.


  1. Developing innovative ideas for new companies:

Course available thanks to Coursera and that can only be seen through sessions that are renewed all the time.

Duration of three to four hours a week in the course of a month.

Although the course is in English

Content: the concept of undertaking and how opportunities should be identified.


  1. Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship:

Course offered at Alison

Content: Learn how big and successful companies are managed, how to evaluate a company using performance indicators.

Duration: 20 hours distributed in 56 modules.

The user can obtain a certification at the end if desired.


  1. The characteristics of a successful entrepreneuror:

It is offered by Stanford University.

Content: why you should always be innovating, the power of marketing and how to design products that are successful.

Duration: four hours.


  1. Certified attraction marketing course:

Course created by Hubspot

Content: tools for the purpose of: SEO, landing pages, customer conversions, e-mail marketing, among others.

The course is in English.

At the end you will get a certificate that you can use on your LinkedIn page, on your personal website or wherever you want.


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