This was the first human jump of a drone


A parachutist jumped from a height of 330 meters


For the first time in the world, a man was launched in free fall from a drone, reported the Latvian company Aerones, maker of the device that launched the parachutist.

With 28 thrusters and from a height of 330 meters, the parachute jumped from the aircraft to land. According to Aerones, it is “the first human flight with a drone and a jump from a great height.”

“The successful achievement shows the reliability and the ability to raise the technology of drones, which brings unlimited possibilities for use in the rescue of life chances, firefighting, sports and landing by parachute,” the company said in a statement Consigned by the agency Sputnik.

The parachutist climbed the drone from a 120-meter telecommunications tower in a rural area of ​​Latvia.

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