Facebook faces up to deceptive websites


The social network updated its algorithm to limit the links of “poor quality”


Facebook announced Wednesday that it has updated its algorithm to limit the number of links of its users to “deceptive” and “poor quality” internet sites and to fight against spam and misinformation.

“With this update, we reviewed hundreds of thousands of web pages linked to or from Facebook to identify those with little substantial content and have a lot of shocking, disturbing or malicious ads,” the social network said in a statement.

“If we find that a post can link to such poor quality pages, it may appear less frequently on the timeline and will not be eligible to place ads”.

“In this way, people will see fewer misleading messages and more informative messages.”

It is the latest measure of Facebook to strengthen the fight against false information (“fake news”), which the social network was accused of circulating in the US presidential campaign favoring the victory of Donald Trump.

Facebook, which claims to have more than 2 billion users worldwide, said it had not had a major impact on the vote of the Americans.

However, since the election the company has announced several measures to collaborate more closely with the media and limit the dissemination of false information.

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