Simple Steps; Exercises to Improve Concentration


In this article we offer you some exercises to do every day and you can improve your concentration.

Techniques to Improve Your Concentration

The distractions of the office, the sound of cars, children screaming, TV … we are constantly bombarded by stimuli of all kinds that distract us in our tasks. So here we will tell you some exercises to improve concentration. They are simple and effective techniques that will help us regain focus and devote our energy to one place.

Preparing the ground

In the first place, you need to remove the stimuli that harm you. Analyze what colors, elements and everything that attracts your focus: if you study near the window and your eyes drift out of the glass, if you work with the radio on, if the light fixture makes a buzz that is notorious Or if you have a family picture that you observe frequently.

Once you identify the distracting lights, make the changes necessary to have good lighting, clean air, and no element or point in your work area, activity or study that attracts you. On the other hand, if what gets your attention is the action of other people, then try to block the sounds and stimuli; Works behind closed doors, asks for silence to those around you or, better yet, acquires ear-muffs or headphones with external noise blocking.

If the office light is what bothers you but does not give you permission to change it, place a desk lamp that changes the intensity, color and vibration; If your desk is in front of the window and is fixed, sit on the other side. Do whatever it takes to block inappropriate stimuli for your productivity.

Concentration exercises

Mind, memory, and concentration can be exercised on a daily basis. Just like doing sports strengthens your muscles for the rest of the day, doing these simple exercises to improve concentration will help you when you sit down to study or work.

“To improve your concentration you need to remove the stimuli that harm you. Analyze what are the colors, the elements and everything that attracts your focus.”

Follow the idea: The first of the techniques is to think of a concept or an image. Close your eyes and think about that image, its details, that word and its sounds, whatever. Try to keep the idea in mind, without letting other thoughts intrude, for as long as you can. If any stimulus overcomes your concentration, take a deep breath and try again. Do this exercise 10 to 15 minutes a day for as long as you need, until you can keep the thought for 15 minutes in a row.

Account items. He reads a book but, instead of just reading straight, begins to count the words in each paragraph. This will make your brain dissociate between understanding the read and keeping track. If you do not have a book at hand, simply count numbers and imagine them in your mind while going on the train to work, or when you’re in the bank queue.

“Doing these simple exercises to improve concentration on a daily basis will help you when you sit down to study or work.”

Watch the time. Get a watch with a second hand, and just dedicate yourself to continue your journey, observe their movements, listen to their sounds, and appreciate their color. Do it for as long as you can without letting other thoughts take away your concentration. If you arrive at 10 minutes without distractions, mission accomplished!

Try these exercises for concentration and you will improve your productivity in your daily tasks, whether study or work. Good luck!

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