Everything: the first video game that could win an Oscar


Trailer has qualified as a candidate for Best Animated Short

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The next edition of the Hollywood Academy Awards could have a rarity never seen before. For the first time in history a video game trailer could be nominated for an Oscar.

How is it possible? Everything – a game currently available for PS4, PC and Mac – was awarded the jury prize for Best Animation at the Vienna Short Film Festival, which automatically credits him as a possible candidate to participate for a golden statuette in the category Of Best Animated Short.

As the Festival explained in a statement, everything received the award because, in addition to being entertaining, “it has a strong poetic and philosophical theme that serves an educational purpose, including an important political statement that encourages us to let our egos dissolve and get a new perspective of the world “.

While this certification does not guarantee the nomination itself, it is as close as has been a video game to get an Academy Award.

Released last March, it is an interactive experience with a wide world, where the player can put himself in the role of all the organisms that coexist in the ecosystem, from molecules to the planets. In short, one can be “everything” and the audiovisual piece, almost 11 minutes, plays with this.

It is not the first time that game developer David OReilly flirts with the movies. Using her experience in the game world OReilly created the holographic video game scenes in Spike Jonze’s popular film.

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