Educational capabilities, achievements in Teenage boys vs girls

Image: Kzenon / Shutterstock
Image: Kzenon / Shutterstock

World Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development conducted an interesting research on educational capabilities, achievements in Teenage boys vs girls from more than 65 countries.

Study shows that girls beat boys in mathematics, reading and science literacy in 70% of countries, regardless of levels of national gender equality, Girls do better than boys at school, even in countries where women’s freedom is restricted.

Boys are eight percentage points more likely than girls to declare that school is a “waste of time.”

The report shows, usually girls are victims of lack of self-confidence in solving mathematical question as compared to boys. And less than five percent of girls considered a career in computing or engineering. Almost in all countries, the number of boys thinking of a career in computing or engineering exceeds the number of girls considering such a career. Overall, over the past century, rich world countries have made “significant progress” in reduction gender gaps.

However, the pattern was different at the highest achievement levels – with top performing boys doing better than top performing girls. The research found that Boys spend one hour less per week on homework than girls which results in lower scores for reading, mathematics and science, And Outside of school, boys spend more time playing video games than girls and less time reading for enjoyment, mostly complex texts like fiction.

The study showed that there were only three states where boys beat girls: Colombia, Costa Rica and the Indian state Himachal Pradesh.

Report also showed that during the last century many developed societies working hard to reduce gender differences and due to which both men and women have equal opportunities to achieve higher education. And that’s why the girls in these societies have increasingly showing interest in the field of science.

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