Curiosities about the email


Five answers on the history of the form of communication


What was the first direction that existed?

That honor corresponds to “tomlinson @ bbn-tenexa”, the address that Ray Tomlison, father of the email, used to send his first messages in 1971 to other computers located in the same room. The content was plain text and no special symbols; No documents or photographs could be attached.

Where does the @ symbol come from?

The @ symbol, “at” in English and “at” in Spanish, is equivalent to the Latin representation “ad” or “next to”. It was Tomlinson who came up with the @ symbol to join the user’s name with their respective server. Apparently he used this symbol because it had no definite utility and was not used in any system.

Why was the email invented?

There was no order to create the email and there was no plan to develop it; Tomlinson thought it a curious idea to try to send messages between two different computers. And so he did. His achievement was recognized in the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012.

When did the first spam appear?

In 1978 an unwanted email was first sent. The term spam began to be used in computer science thanks to a sketch of the Monty Python in which there was spam (a canned meat) in many dishes.

How many emails are sent in one day?

In 2013, 183,000 million messages were sent in a single day. It is estimated that in 2017 that amount will reach 207 billion. It is currently the second most used service on the network, only surpassed by instant messaging.

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