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Creating presentation and animation have often been considered one of the most complex aspects in terms of web design. This is a time-consuming activity that requires powerful software technology expertise.
However, in recent years, the emergence of online tools for making presentation and animation streamlined this process. Web applications listed below are very simple to use and offer the ability to create customized animations in no time.
They all generate HTML5 content, free format, compatible with most browsers. This means that you no longer have to worry about the constraints on making effective presentations. Through such technology, your work is available everywhere and on all types of media including mobile web, requiring only an Internet connection. In addition, your content is saved directly on a server which prevents any file loss.
You will find below some of these platforms among the best:


More than just a presentation tool and animation, Visme is a complete solution for creating all types of interactive content (graphics, banners, online resume, presentation etc.). Visme is a perfect tool for all designers especially suitable for beginners! You can easily access various topics, a comprehensive list of animation effects, thousands of icons and graphics and still many other features such as inserting Flickr images, sharing on social networks etc.



Make Web Video does exactly as its name suggests. This is an online tool that specializes in creating complex animation and HD video. As a user you can choose from a number of animation design templates and you can add text.



Vcasmo allows you to create stunning presentations by combining HD images, audio clips and videos.
More suited to professionals, this tool generates high quality animations in HTML5 version. Therefore, you can easily integrate your presentations on any blog or website. It offers a free service and also paid version.



It allows creating beautiful presentations through animations and cool graphics. You can make beautiful designs with Prezi by adding images, videos, or text objects and animate all with a wide range of effects. Once your presentation is finished, you can share it with your friends directly from the Prezi platform on all the major social networks.



GoAnimate and simplified user interface makes the creation of video content a real breeze! It is an ideal tool to create fun and engaging activities for students, teachers and professionals. This comprehensive online solution offers an extremely pleasant user experience.



Do striking animations with PowToon. This is the perfect online application for creating educational presentations and graphics. PowToon offers a wealth of animation effects that users can switch from a drop down list. To make things easier, the tool provides free design templates. The quality of the animation is flawless and many brands have already adopted!



Creaza is an animation tool designed especially for children. It helps to design interactive storytelling with very engaging animations and video presentations. It offers more than 30 themes ready to use with a variety of tools for customization.

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