Apple reveals how its machines work to repair iPhone screens


The Horizon Machine repair the new screen in 10 minutes


Apple built a special machine to repair the broken screens of phones. This does much more than replace the front glass: it calibrates the new screen after a technician has installed it on the device.

Here is the description of Reuters about the work of the so-called Horizon Machine:

“Once the new screen is mounted, the iPhone enters the Horizon Machine, which allows the Apple software to communicate with the new hardware. In the course of about 10 or 12 minutes, the machine talks to the operating system of the phone to match the fingerprint sensor with the phone brain.

As it unfolds, a mechanical finger strikes the screen at various points to test the touch-sensitive surface. The machine also adjusts the display and software to match the colors and calibration of the original. ”

The company will install 400 of these machines to distribute them at authorized outlets in 25 countries by the end of this year, according to Apple. It is expected that these will be repaired screens in a single day.

The good thing for users is that they will save time and find a relatively easy place to change the damaged screen without fear of losing the warranty.

In addition, Apple lowered the prices for the replacement of a screen: to US $ 129 for new devices and US $ 29 if the user is an Apple Care partner.

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