Apple prepares for 5G


US authorities have granted permits to the Cupertino giant to carry out the first tests


Apple has begun testing to deploy the next 5G devices after receiving approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Business Insider reports.

The 5G is ready to allow faster data speeds on mobile networks, and improve performance on smartphones. In the case of the giant of Cupertino will perform the first tests to ensure the future compatibility of this technology with its famous iPhone.

The license will allow Apple to test the technology from two locations in California (United States). However, this permit cannot be extended beyond one year, as reported by the technology.

Although the 5G standards have yet to be made public, US operators are already paving the way for the launch of the technology and have begun their first tests.

The most advanced in this regard are the AT & T engineers who have projects to launch a total of 20 networks for the 5G during this exercise. Another of the big names in telecommunications in the United States is Verizon which has disbursed about $ 3 billion to get several frequencies of 5G.

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