Simple Tips: How to Act in a Job Interview


Job interviews are situations in which we surely feel observed and nervous, because the position to which we aspire is at stake. Here we explain how to act in a job interview.

Start the interview correctly

In an interview the first impression is decisive. So when you enter, walk straight, shake hands with your interviewer firmly, but not too tight. Salute it by its name if you know it, looking it in the eyes, and do not take a seat before they offer it to you.

In no way should you chew gum or smoke both before and during the interview and do not accept a cigarette and the interviewer offers it to you.

How to perform during the interview

During the job interview you always show confidence in yourself and manifest yourself naturally, adopting a relaxed attitude but without taking too much trust. Try to be as attentive as possible to your sign language, avoiding gestures that show nervousness like biting your nails, touching your hair, playing with keys or pens, etc.

It is important that you express your interest and good opinion about the agency or company throughout the interview. Stay alert to your interviewer, concentrating, without leaving any time to express that attention. Always look into the eyes, because if you dodge your look and direct it to the ground causes feeling of little confidence.

“Never interrupt the interviewer and do not intend to take the interview, remember that it is he who must take the initiative.”

Questions and dialogue during the interview

If there are questions that you do not understand well, ask for clarification before answering, do not rush into your answers, you may not have understood correctly and that will lead you to answer wrong and embarrass yourself, causing everything you have interview.

As for communication during the interview, never interrupt the interviewer and do not intend to carry the interview, remember that it is he who must take the initiative. Always keep a cordial and kind tone and argue your answers.

If you are asked about your willingness to travel and move, always leave open the possibility of being willing to do so, provided that for personal reasons this is impossible, as well as do not discard from the first moment start from below.

“During the job interview you always show confidence in yourself.”

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