7 signs know if a Person is Fake


If you are looking for a way to detect fake people, then this note is just what you need. Pay attention to these signs and stay alert in all areas of your life.

How is a False Person?

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If we look at our past we will surely see that if we had only learned to know if a person is false, we would have avoided maltreatment, discomfort, perhaps discussions and even losses. These beings are everywhere: at work, at school, at the gym, and sometimes even within our own social and family circles, or even can be our “Friends. “Therefore, learning some effective ways to detect them can save us those bad” investments “of our time.

Pay attention to the following behaviors to identify false people, sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious, and take them into account in all your relationships.

7 signs to recognize a false person

It is well known that in the workplace often intentions are somewhat hidden, and that we cannot blindly trust others: it is a race we all want to win. But you may also notice these behaviors in people from other areas, where the falsehood has no intention of professional advancement but responds to a personal question. Pay attention to these signals and then do a deeper analysis:

  1. Confrontation: Genuine people generally pay attention to the point of view of others, and may or may not agree.In all cases, they will clearly state their position.On the other hand, false people rarely disagree (or, at least, do not express themselves in such a way), and even when there are two opposing views in the same conversation.
  2. Respect: Genuine beings may try to avoid contact with those who are not to their liking; however, they will act with respect to others, while false people only act with respect to those they consider to be powerful.That is to say, they act with disdain with the waiter who serves them the coffee, or with the apprentice of his office, but they are attentive with their supervisor, and even change their approach when the chief arrives.
  3. The need for attention: Genuine people do not seek to please everyone or, in such a case, do not take great pains to pretend to be “friends of all”.False people, on the other hand, try to please everyone present, even if after the meeting they speak ill of those same people whom they tried to please in the beginning.In addition, in any area they will do their best to attract attention, either speaking in a slightly louder voice than necessary, laughing out loud, or in any way.
  4. Vanity: False people often boast about everything they are, what they have and what they achieve (large or small), and they comment on a story in which they are always the protagonists of the story.Even when they speak of something happened to another person, they relate the facts in a way in which everything has been thanks to them.

“The false person acts with disdain with the waiter who serves them the coffee, but is attentive to his supervisor, and even changes his focus when the boss arrives.”

  1. Talking: Genuine people, as we have seen, are often expressed clearly, whether in pleasure or dislike, while the false ones tend to try to please everyone, and as soon as the meeting ends, they take the opportunity to speak ill of the absent.
  2. Promises: An easy way to tell if a person is false is to pay attention to his words, especially when they speak with a view to the future: while the genuine can present projects and plans, the false ones generally focus only on the Plans, in the goals they promise to fulfill, and perhaps somewhat exaggerated.A clear example is that of political campaigns at election times: while a “genuine” candidate will propose a 1% economic growth target in one season, the false promise of 10% growth at the same time, an impossible promise To fulfill, with total disregard for the value of his own promise.
  3. Generosity: Finally, another way to recognize the false people is to pay attention to their acts of solidarity, generosity and kindness.Just as the phony does not work hard to treat those he considers “beneath” with respect, he will not be generous to others unless he has a hidden agenda.”I help you in what you ask of me, but after you help me with this work report.”

Pay attention to these behaviors and, analyze what the true intentions of that colleague or that co-worker. Knowing how to deal with fake people can be simpler than you think, just by analyzing your behaviors in each area of ​​interaction.

“False people seek to please all those present, even if after the meeting they speak ill of those same people whom they tried to please in the beginning.”

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