6 Tips for Having a Simple Life


If you are looking for a simple life you do not need to give up everything or move to Tibet: just apply these realistic advises. Stop making excuses and put them into practice today!

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A Simple and Happy Life: Is It Possible?

In these accelerated times, with stress , with social obligations and mandates, we propose to put into practice concrete actions to have a simple life and to recover the enjoyment by the day to day, appreciating the reality as it is, and not according to “what should be”.

We are constantly bombarded by images that tell us that “to be successful we have to have a lot of money”, or “to be beautiful we have to have a sculptural body”. It would seem that the values ​​that define our humanity are measured in numbers: the money in your bank account, the surface of your home, the centimeters of your waist and so many more. But that is quantifying rather than qualifying!

Success and happiness depend exclusively on each person, and much can be done to enjoy the simple things of life and be happy.

6 Ways to Have a Simple Life

These tips are extremely effective; however, you should follow them with full faith, and with as much dedication as you can. It will only depend on you to put them into practice and actually activate them in your life. We recommend the following:

  1. Abandon Your Negative Beliefs: You deserve happiness and well-being just as much as any other person.You are not ‘cursed’ nor do you have witchcraft or a religious mandate that prevents you from enjoying a minimalist and happy life.But first, you have to think positive and feel from your own point of view, to know which way to take, the one that leads you to well-being. Everything can go well; you just have to stop imagining otherwise.
  2. Connecting with reality: What you see on TV, on the internet, on your mobile and in newspapers is not always as real as what surrounds you.If you spend your day watching social networks, you will only see what others want you to see: your best day, your best vacation trip, your best photo, and not unhappy situations.This only creates in you a false belief that “all others are marvelously in their lives,” while you stand there still and with regret. That is not true!. Instead of seeing the walls of your friends , spend time sharing a cup of coffee and a sincere talk, and you will see that we are all human with regrets and joys, although it is easy to overlook them often.
  3. Talk less: This is very difficult, but very satisfactory.Tosimplify life spend at least one day a week talking as little as you can. This will force you to listen more and also will force you to choose the words you use, reducing their amount. The more restricted we are in talking, the less likely we are to “waste” that resource on pessimism, lies, or words devoid of content. Making your life simpler begins by simplifying your communications!
  4. Socialize just for pleasure: There are many events of the labor plane that we must attend almost by obligation.So, with regard to the social, we suggest you just surround yourself with those who make you happy, and attend only meetings that give you well-being (be it for who they are or for the people who will attend).If you do not really want to go to a site by commitment, avoid doing so (as long as you are not guilty then, or consequences on other planes). It also reduces your neutral commitments, and seeks to spend time alone or with those who give you true happiness.
  5. Pay off your debts: Finance is not the great achievement in these times and, although culture wants to convince us that having money is synonymous with being happy, the truth is that bills and coins are just a resource: not a good , Nor an evil in itself.To make your life simpler, organize your finances, classify your income and your mandatory expenses, and pay off as many debts per month as you can. Avoid getting new ones, buying only what you need (for a few months at least). Having well-organized finances will give you a lot of peace of mind.
  6. Empty your home: In these times we are too attached to material goods.Now: we do not suggest that you leave your entire home empty, but get rid of what no longer has a function in your life.Start one room at a time, emptying closets, furniture and guard areas. Classify each element, discarding what no longer serves and giving away what you no longer use, or simply what does not give you happiness. Clean the room and return only what you decide to keep because it brings well-being to your existence. Next week, repeat the homework with the next home stay.

Set realistic, quantifiable and achievable goals in your life, and implement at least one of these ideas per week to make your life simpler in less time than you think.

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