4 Tips to Feel Good; Change yourself


Being a little better every day is mostly a matter of getting moving and taking charge of our lives. Learn the things you must do today to achieve it.

4 Tips to Feel Good

If your current life is not completely satisfactory, or if you would like to become a better version of yourself, there are some things that you should do today to feel good , without delays and without excuses, and that you need to repeat every day of your life, Or as regularly as you can. It is about giving those small steps that eventually create better habits and manage to change your life completely. Remember: Rome was not built in a day, and a better life is achieved by making small changes daily!

It’s all about keep going

Have you ever complained about those extra pounds in your belly, but you’ve never exercised because you do not have time? You notice a lack of energy, but you keep eating cookies and rolls because ‘you have no money to buy organic’? The decoration of your house depresses you, but you do not make changes because ‘it is a rented house’?. It seems that we always have an excuse and an explanation for not making the necessary changes; What we are lacking is actually doing them.

You see, lacks of time, money or possibilities are enemies who are always on the lookout. Some of these excuses do have merit, while most of them are simply obstacles that we put ourselves, and that away from our maximum state of well-being.

For example, if you live in a rented house, or if you do not have the money to build, you probably would not be able to remodel your home. However, you can change the decoration for little and no money: change the curtains of place, remove the decorations you do not like and grow your own plants in recycled flowerpots: for just a few coins you will completely change your home!

As in that example, there are many changes you can make in your life to move slowly but surely toward your goal. If you have 10Kg more, you probably will not eliminate them overnight. But if you only do 15 minutes of exercise a day, in less than you think you will see lasting changes. You must not let yourself be beaten by excuses! That little belly will slowly flatten; you must have constancy and patience, and eventually you will see yourself in the mirror and you will love what you see.

4 changes to feel good

Just as in the cases we saw above, there are many small actions that you must do starting today, to change your life completely in less time than you think. These are just a few, that will inspire you and that you can adjust to your goals and lifestyle:

  1. Here and now: It is an extremely important action.Stop thinking about what you would or would not have done in the past, and stop thinking about how you think your future will be.Concentrate on what you are doing now, in the real and current conditions of your life. Analyze them, and modify them so that they give you the greatest possible welfare, profit and happiness. The future will come when it arrives! But if you focus on today, it will be a much more enjoyable life, rather than one that passes at the speed of a blink because you are constantly thinking about a time that does not exist.
  2. Forget the “should” and think of the “I want”: In our cultures it is very easy to fall into the trap of “should be this” or “should do that.”However, that does not always correspond to what really gives you happiness, or make you your best version.Before thinking what “you should”, think about what “you want” with respect for yourself, and always with a view to your greater well-being and benefit. Only you know!
  3. Get moving: Doing physical activity has only benefits to give you.It gives you health, tones your muscles, gives you energy and vitality, improves your appearance, helps to clear your mind, and makes you feel much better and more focused.You do not need to check into a gym and do some boring sessions if it’s not what you want, but you can go up the stairs, go shopping, walk your pet, or just dance at home when no one sees you. Start today!

“Stop thinking about what you would or would not have done in the past, and stop thinking about how you think your future will be. Concentrate on what you are doing now.”

  1. Do something new and something that gives you pleasure: Every day try to do something that gives you pleasure.It can be anything: cook a certain dish, create a craft, listen to your favorite song, and talk to a friend or whatever.Also, daily or as regularly as you can, try to do something you’ve never done before: cultivate a new plant, prepare a different dish, make a repair, a craft, whatever! When you do, you will see that you feel each day with more confidence in yourself.

“Every day try to do something that gives you pleasure. It can be anything: cook a certain dish, create a craft, listen to your favorite song, and talk to a friend or whatever.”

These are simple actions, easy and possible to do, that when you integrate them into your life you will soon notice how many benefits they provide. But there are many more things that you must do today to feel good, and from now on, only you determine your way of life!

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