3 Steps before Buying Any Marketing Tool


Just as marketing has grown so has the supply of existing tools in the market to facilitate any application process of your marketing strategy. From automation and measurement tools to the tools that create and manage content, the Internet is full of offers that seem to be the holy grail for your business, however, when deciding to buy a tool you have to be very clever and sure, not Only that it is the best available in your business, but also how useful it will be for your business and whether or not the investment will return, either in monetary terms or in time.

1. Analyze your marketing challenges

While there are experts who can suggest a set of very useful tools for your business, it is certainly you and only you who know the real needs of your marketing challenges. By this we do not mean that you do not listen to advice, but ask for advice when you are sufficiently informed, and in this case we are talking about internal information.

Start by openly sharing your challenges with your marketing department, the company’s shareholders, and any external consultants or companies you are already working with, especially in achieving the organization’s goals. Understand very well how these marketing challenges will translate into sales and try to convince everyone involved in the decision process, if you succeed, is because the tool is really useful for your strategy.

2. Identifies software and alternative solutions

After you have analyzed your marketing challenges and decided to go ahead with the software solutions, it’s time to weigh all your options.

Start by creating a shared document or brainstorming with your team on the company board. Try to identify at least 5-6 possible solutions; 3-4 which are similar and some wildcard solutions for mixing.

If you do not know where to start, use Google to find comparative articles or exhaustive reviews.

When searching, try to make sure that the information you use to find out the best tools is current, so set the search engine so that it only shows the results of the last six months. You will not be served a review that was made in 2013.

3. Dig deeper into your options

Once you have identified possible solutions, it is time to start the actual research. Program with the service provider a demonstration of half an hour or an hour in which he can demonstrate the benefits of the product. Take this time to ask intelligent questions that allow you to choose one or the other option.

Ask the following strategic questions during your demo:

  • Have you worked with departments or marketing industries similar to ours? If so, how?
  • How can your software help us execute our goals this quarter?
  • How much time do I need to spend on software to be successful?
  • Can you connect with one of your current customers or share a recent case study?

Other methods for deep research on the software solutions you are considering may be:

  • Contact consultants, influencers or authors of the industry
  • Ask the professionals in your network about their experiences
  • Find current users and ask for comments
  • Follow up of public testimonies

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