15 things you can do instead of fall in love again


It is inevitable to feel a sense of emptiness when a relationship is over, as if a hole has been created within us. The first thing we all try is to refill it, usually with another person, but we do not realize that it can be filled with many other things that are sure to be more useful and, in the long run, will give us more benefits. If you want to see a few ideas to get it, keep reading and find out these 15 things you can do instead of falling in love again.

Re-dedicate time to your body

Join a gym or some class that interests you, it is no longer just by physical appearance but by occupying your mind by exercising. It usually gives good results, because you will abstract and also you will be freed of the tensions and the stress.

Reunion with old friends


It is very normal to leave a few friendships a little forgotten during a relationship, take advantage to see these people again and catch up.

Get everything you ever proposed

Learn a language, get into a course that interests you, play an instrument … in general, find a hobby that keeps you busy.

Travel, travel a lot

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It is one of the most enriching experiences there is. Now that you do not have to explain to anyone, catch a plane and fly away.

Free yourself and meet new people

Now you do not have to put limits, salt, enjoy and let you know.

Treat yourself

Especially in the first few days after the break, take your card and go shopping, without restrictions or charges of conscience.

Start writing

Write everything that goes through your mind, capture your feelings and release everything you have to let go.

Pay attention to your working life

There are people who take refuge in their work, others who start new projects and others who decide to change planes, think about what is best for you.

Make plans for the future

Let your imagination fly and change course if it is what you need. Do not put obstacles.

Your family, the greatest support

Let yourself see more and give them time, surely they have many useful tips to give you; in addition family time is invaluable.

Have a good party

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At least for once, let yourself go, do not think about what will happen tomorrow.

Learn to meditate

You will discover things about yourself that you did not know and connect with your inner self. Listen to him!

Become a handyman

Redecorate your house or your room, learn how to assemble simple furniture, paint the walls that you have wanted to paint for a long time … the same thing you discover that gives you better than you think.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Do what you want in each moment, only you will be responsible for what happens. Learn to lose the fear of failure.

If you’re at risk

Practice those extreme sports in which you take time thinking, throw yourself and enjoy. You will release all your adrenaline and you will feel more alive.

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