The 15 cities in the world with the greatest job opportunities


After finishing high school and university, people start their professional life 100%, whether in their country or anywhere else on the globe. That’s right, thanks to globalization; it is increasingly easier to access interesting positions on the other side of the world. There are cities in developed countries with a wide variety of job offers and favorable conditions, but in addition, after a significant economic growth, other cities have expanded that have become viable options to take into account when selecting that site where Develop professional life.


Milan, Italy

The top 15 of this ranking begins with the country’s city of pasta and wine. It is in this position as it has been hit by the economic crisis, a fact that triggered the unemployment rate throughout the region. Anyway, Milan has become a convenient place to work and live if you have chances to get a job that transfers you there. Italy itself has a special appeal for the low-cost of living, plus the guaranteed pleasure of living close to natural wonders and monuments steeped in history. Also cities close to Milan, like Bergamo and Lombardy, have interesting job offers.

Sydney, Australia

Named by The Economist as one of the 10 best cities in the world to live in, Sydney – like the rest of Australia – is a place of privilege for young people who decide to embark on the adventure of the “Working Holiday”, where for 12 months Can work in the country doing work in the gastronomic sector or agriculture, among others. But for those who want to have a stable job is different. The reason it is in the 14th place is that the cost of living is quite high, which limits the type of employment to be performed.

Tokyo, Japan

Position number 13 is for the capital of the Japanese country, which offers a bit of the madness of the Eastern countries, in cities full of people and hours of exhaustive work. In terms of work, it is an Eden for engineers and those who perform jobs related to the latest technology. If these are not your strengths and you still want to try your luck in this magnificent city, then you must apply for a visa to teach English or Spanish. However, it is also important that you keep in mind that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Together with Argentina and Chile, Brazil is one of the countries of South America that has been the most in fashion in recent times, and Sao Paulo remains the key. Many multinational companies already have their bases in this city, and the country’s recent growth in general favors employment. As in most countries, a visa is required here to work, but keep in mind that there is a demand from engineers, builders and computer scientists. They bring to the quality of life the proximity to the main cultural centers of the region and the wonderful beaches.

Dublin, Ireland

Occupying the position number 12 is the capital of Ireland. Many will wonder why, but should know that beyond the crisis that led to the recession in 2008 the labor supply in the country has grown over the years. Since then, it also has a Working Holidays program for young people, but it has also developed as a new technological pole and has led to Dublin being recognized as the Silicon Valley of Europe. In fact, one area of ​​the city has been renamed Silicon Docks, where more than 50 international firms such as LinkedIn and Facebook have settled.

Hong Kong

For the number 10 spot, you have to go back to Asia. The growing and powerful economy of Hong Kong, in addition to its proximity to other business centers in the region, make this city more than interesting for those who want to deepen their professional life and channel their careers. Anyway, you should know that here happens exactly the same as in Tokyo. They are cities with high level of overpopulation and a high cost of living, where the rent of a property can leave more than 4,000 dollars.

Paris France

France could not be left out of the list, much less its capital, the renowned City of Lights. In addition to its appreciated beauty, it has the presence of several multinational companies and family companies always willing to give foreigners a chance. Working in Paris has multiple benefits for the career. In addition, although it is one of the European cities considered expensive, it is not so much in reality. There is an almost perfect balance, which allows it to be a city and country accessible to foreigners willing to join the labor market.

Mumbai, India

This emerging country of the Asian continent has become one of the favorite destinations when it comes to working abroad. Although until recently India was the cradle of telemarketers, in recent years it has attracted countless technology companies and interesting businesses to people all over the world. This is the case of Mumbai, known as the financial mecca of India and the city with the largest development of the film industry. The growth of this has been gradual, but constant. However, it has not yet achieved 100% of its projections. With respect to the cost of living, the rentals are absolutely accessible.

Vancouver, Canada

In position number 7 this city of Canada, that country characterized by its tranquility and good wave appears. There several companies have been installed that will surely be of interest to you. Those with knowledge in engineering, agriculture and tourism, among others, will have high chances of getting a very well paid job. Anyway, you have to keep in mind that the cost of living in Vancouver can be a bit high. Something you should not forget is that this country also has a Working Holiday program called International Experience Canada. It has limited space, so do not waste time.

Singapore, Singapore

In position number 6 is this magnificent city of Southeast Asia. While rents are high, food is affordable, which achieves an interesting balance in the daily lives of those who intend to move to Singapore. Countless multinational corporations that have fired the arrival of foreigners ready to work there have already settled there. There are countless job opportunities. In fact, there are several official sites where they publish the job site of the city with available positions to date to facilitate the search.

Genoa, Switzerland

Start the Top 5 of this list with Genoa, city of one of the most prestigious countries in Europe. Recognized for having a business-friendly environment, the country has a variety of job opportunities: from insurance salesmen to stylists. This city is no exception and is a favorite for foreigners. Together with Zurich are the cities considered as the financial epicenter of Switzerland. However, Genoa offers a broader and more diverse labor market. As for life there, it is obviously one of the most expensive regions, but also the salaries are high so they accompany the cost of living.

Munich, Germany

This city has earned itself a place in the top 5. Germany itself has become one of the favorite destinations for those looking to have a professional experience away from home. It offers facilities for both those who wish to study and those who want to work and live there. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Europe and the cost of living is quite affordable – however hard it may be. Munich is also the base for a large number and variety of international companies, being the favorite of the automotive market.

Shanghai, China

Once again we have to return to Asia, in this case to start the Top 3. The country that companies looked up to a few years ago as the site of cheap resources ended up becoming the key to investments. This has been the case in Shanghai, where countless large corporations have settled. It is the favorite destination for foreigners, so you should also keep in mind that it is a city where competition is common currency and you must prove what you are to the maximum. Here you can find great financial and technology companies.

London England

Classics never die. The UK could not miss this list, much less the Top 3. Its capital maintains a strong commercial and professional appeal from wherever you look. The city of London continues to be of great interest for foreign investment. For those who want to go try their luck in this city should know that, as in the rest of Europe, it is easier to get a stable job if you have a European passport. Another detail to keep in mind is that the cost of living here is quite high, but so are salaries.

Seattle, United States

Beyond the strong economic crisis that hit the country in 2008, the United States remains one of the favorite options when developing a career. Surely you thought that this post was going to be occupied by New York, but due to the cost of living and the unemployment rate is not one of the best options in the country. However, Seattle has become a great choice due to the number of job offers and the large IT, technology and communications companies that have settled there. This city has a good relation between salary and rent, which makes it more accessible.

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