10 tips: Applying for jobs in UAE?


Talent Asset Software & Consulting, or TASC, a Dubai-based contract staffing firm commanding 15 per cent market share in the UAE, shares a few tips for jobs in UAE, seekers should keep in mind.

1. Keep your resume to one page, even if you have 15 years of work experience. Applicants should speak about themselves to the point and avoid lengthy resumes.

2. Be specific. Understand the interviewer’s questions before answering. Normally there are many of applicants for any job. Being specific helps both the interviewer and the interviewer.

3. Keep your answers short, speak crisp. Long answers are time consuming and don’t hold the interviewer’s attention.

4. Ask questions about the company you are being interviewed for. Asking questions gives the impression of the applicant’s awareness of the job and the firm.

5. Research thoroughly about the company before you go for your interview. In-depth research will give applicants a fair idea of the company they are applying for.

6. Know your story. You should know how you can be different.

7. Bring value to the table or the position applied. Elaborate on how you can do something differently.

8. Be honest about your weaknesses. Don’t be somebody else. Most top companies are well aware what your capabilities are, so don’t build stories. You will risk being exposed.

9. Build upon your strengths as it helps your growth in the company.

10. Be very clear about what you can offer the company. Don’t take a job just because it’s attractive. You should be fully aware of what you will be able to achieve.

Source: Khaleejtimes / Courtesy: Sandhya D’Mello/Dubai – [email protected]

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